Northwest College

Teaching & Learning Center

Faculty Showcase

Join us Thursday, May 2nd, 4-6 pm in the Yellowstone Conference area to celebrate teaching at Northwest College!

We often showcase student success at performances and exhibitions, but we rarely do we get the chance to witness or know more about the teaching strategies that encourage our students to learn. This event is an opportunity for you to explore evidence-based teaching strategies and to discuss what inspires faculty to promote a learning-centered environment for our students. You will learn about how NWC faculty transform learning, spark curiosity, drive innovation, and prepare students to thrive in their chosen careers. 

A more detailed program is posted below and will be available in print as you arrive. Finger food and adult beverages will be provided by the NWC Foundation and the Office of Academic Affairs - thank you!!

4:00 pm   The event begins
Meet and greet with adult beverages (non-alcoholic alternatives will be available) and finger food.
4:20 pm   Welcome by President Stefani Hicswa
4:25 pm   Keynote speaker Rachel Watson

Car Talk: Science Roadshow and Ski Team Travel Provide a Comfortable Seat for Transformational Learning

Rachel Watson received her M.S. in Molecular Biology from the University of Wyoming in 2001, following a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Denver. Rachel serves as a Senior Academic Professional Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wyoming. She is the Director of the Science Initiative Learning Actively Mentoring Program (LAMP) and the Queer Studies Minor Program. She is also the volunteer co-coach of the UW Men’s and Women’s Nordic Ski Team.                 

4:45 pm   Gallery walk - first round of faculty presenters                  

Bart Haskell (Business): Mock Investment Portfolio

Connie Moore (Spanish): Se Habla Español en Mi Clase                  

Greg Smith (Anthropology): Students Interpret a 3.7 Million Year Old Footprint Trail by Creating Their Own                  

Jen Litterer-Trevino (Photography): Principles of Scheimpflug with 4x5 View Camera                

Kerrie Spinney (Mathematics): Outside the Comfort Zone: Active Learning & Immediate Feedback in a Math Co-Requisite Classroom       

Matthew Osborne (Biology): Journey into the Unknown: Flipping an Anatomy and Physiology classroom                                         

5:15 pm   Gallery walk - second round of faculty presenters                   

Lorilyn Beck (First Year Seminar): Building Community in the Classroom                  

Michael Cuddy (Chemistry): Learning Through Inquiry in a Physical Science Course for Elementary Educators                 

Michael Gundlach (Mathematics): Open Educational Resources in the Math Department                 

Monia Haselhorst (Biology): Experiential Learning in a Freshman Biology Course                 

Rachel Hanan (English): Digital Media in the Humanities                   

Tim Glatzer (Mathematics): Statistics out of the Classroom

Karen Bowen (Nursing): Mock Mass Casualty:  Human Simulation and Experiential Learning

6:00 pm   The event ends