DELTA Program

The key to experiential learning is designing instruction that engages all of a learner's senses.

DELTA is an acronym which stands for "Dedicated to Experiential Learning Through Adventure." This program is a vehicle for delivering adventure education services to the college community and to the public.

DELTA workshops can be designed to target many themes, including teambuilding, cooperation, communication, self-confidence, diversity, creativity, and leadership.

Available Programs

Program Date
DELTA Class - Geocaching
September 21, 2021
DELTA Class - Mountain Biking
September 23, 2021
DELTA Class - Horseback Riding
September 27, 2021

Challenge Courses

What is a Challenge Course? Simple answer is that it is a tool used to help foster growth, teamwork, communication, cooperation, and leadership among group members and individuals.


More information coming soon!

Outdoor Adventure

DELTA has the ability to design and lead a variety of programs using wilderness and outdoor activities as a tool for building strong, component, and highly skilled leaders and team/group members.


More information coming soon!


DELTA camps are a real adventure and a real fun way to learn real life skills. All activities teach campers about the importance of trust and teamwork while helping to build confidence and leadership skills.


More information coming soon!

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