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Friendship Family Program

Welcome to the NWC International Friendship Family Program! 

The Friendship Family program is a cross-cultural exchange program that has been in existence for many years at NWC. Friendship families are often NWC faculty and staff or people from the Powell and Cody communities that wish to befriend a new international student. They get together several times during the year, perhaps for holidays or family events, a trip to Yellowstone or Billings, or just to hang out in an American home environment. In that way, both students and families are able to exchange ideas, cultures, and friendship.

As a host family, we simply ask that you get together with your student a few times each semester. This gives you the opportunity to form a friendship with someone from another country and learn about their culture. The student benefits by getting to know people in our community, which helps them with the adjustment of being so far from their home.

You can invite your student over to cook and share a meal, celebrate birthdays or holidays, watch a movie, attend sporting events or any of your children's/family's activities, or to visit local attractions. Basically, anything you're already planning to do with your family, just add an extra person - or two!

If you are interested in becoming a Friendship Family, please complete this information form.

Incoming students, please complete the student information form.


"My parents are thousands of miles away but the wonderful people in my Friendship Family helped me to feel less lonely. They give me love, support, and kindness. I'm so fortunate to have them in my life." 

                ̶ Student, Montenegro

“My Friendship Family treats me like a member of their family. I have learned a lot about the American way of life and traditions from them. I am so happy when I spend time with them.”

                ̶ Student, Russia

“Being a Friendship Family has brought a global perspective to my family’s dinner table. I have enjoyed watching my sons learn about Russian foods, customs, and language. Knowing that we can provide [our student] with a home when hers is so far away feels good too. We will miss her when the year is over.”

                ̶ Jessica, host

“[Our student] is a great guy and we really enjoy spending time with him. It was an extremely valuable experience for my students when he came to my classroom and did a presentation on his country.”

                ̶ Robin, teacher and host

“The students we have hosted from Germany, Serbia, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Denmark have enriched our lives immensely. We keep in touch with many of our “kids” and love hearing about their careers and families. We hope to visit them in their home countries someday.”

                ̶ Lisa and Doug, hosts


Amanda Enriquez
International Student & Scholar Services Manager


Kara Ryf
International Student & Scholar Services Coordinator