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Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)


Come and see what the CDL class is all about! We will take you from start to finish on the requirements of CDL, the requirements for the class, how the training works which is mostly self-paced, and cost and funding to help pay for the class. (orientation is free)

Please click here for CDL Orientation dates or to register

Outside view of the side of the CDL training lab trailer
Outside view of the back of the CDL training lab trailer

CDL Test Prep

We will also offer a Class A program for those who do not hold a commercial learner permit (CLP). This evening course is a combination of lecture, video and study materials and will give you a general review to help you pass the CLP exam. 

Inside the CDL simulator trailer
Inside the CDL simulator trailer

CDL Course

Our curriculum-based, self-paced, hands-on approach to CDL training will provide students with the knowledge and skill-set needed to become a successful professional truck driver. Our training methods will include online instruction, in-depth classroom instruction, various hours and safety training on our Mobile Simulator, and behind-the-wheel training.

CDL truck from the side and back
Up front of the CDL truck from the side

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the time frame for finishing the CDL program?
          The CDL program is self-paced with no set start or end date. We have both part-time and full-time hours available. This course is open-enrollment.
  • What is the cost of the Class A CDL program?
          The CDL Class A program is $4,675.00.
  • Are there any other CDL programs offered besides the CDL Class A?
          NWC CTD also offers CDL Class B / Bus / Hazmat / Theory / Class A + Bus
  • What are the requirements for the CDL program?
          Requirements are the CLP (commercial learner's permit), physical, and drug test.
  • Is there any funding available?
          There might be funding available. Funding will be discussed at each CDL Orientation.  Paperwork to apply for funding will also be available at the CDL Orientations.
  • When are the CDL Orientations and how much do they cost?
          There is no charge to come to a CDL Orientation. Click on this link for the CDL Orientation schedule:  NWC CDL Orientations


Christi Greaham
Training & Development Program Associate