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Costs to Attend NWC

Estimate Your Spring 2018 Costs

Follow these important steps (read the fine print!) to begin adding up your estimated costs to attend Northwest College:


Choose a semester:

Spring 2018


Estimate Tuition:
Spring 2018 Tuition

If you are taking:

  • less than 12 credit hours, add the Per Credit rate x the number of credit hours to your estimate.
  • 12 to 20 credit hours, add the Flat Rate to your estimate.
  • over 20 credit hours, use the Flat Rate and add the Per Credit rate x every credit after 20.

Wyoming Resident Nonresident* WUE**
Tuition Wyoming Resident:
Per Credit: $94.00
Flat Rate: $1,128.00
Per Credit: $282.00
Flat Rate: $3,384.00
Per Credit: $141.00
Flat Rate: $1,692.00

The Flat Rate for tuition is for 12 to 20 credit hours.
* Nonresident students whose parent(s) graduated from NWC or any other Wyoming community college may qualify for Wyoming Resident tuition rates (see residency classifications).
** See WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange Tuition Scholarship).


Estimate Fees:
Spring 2018 Fees

If you are taking:

  • less than 15 credit hours, add the Per Credit rate x the number of credit hours to your estimate.
  • 15 credit hours or over, add the Flat Rate to your estimate.

Academic Computing Fee

This fee supports instructional computer technology.

Per Credit: $9.00
Flat Rate: $135.00
Facilities Fee

This fee supports the development of college facilities.

Per Credit: $5.00
No Flat Rate
Fixed Fees

This fee supports student activities, athletics, campus security and the library.

Per Credit: $9.00
Flat Rate: $135.00
Health Fee

This fee supports Student Health services and the Fitness Center.

Per Credit: $7.00
Flat Rate: $105.00
Instructional Fee

This fee helps support instructional supply budgets.

Per Credit: $2.00
Flat Rate: $30.00
Student Injury Insurance

Students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours are required to participate in a Student Injury Insurance Plan. This policy is secondary to other health policies. Plan features include:

  • up to $10,000 maximum for each covered injury,
  • no deductible,
  • intercollegiate sports injury coverage,
  • 24/7 access to nurse advice and health information,
  • global emergency medical assistance, and
  • $1,000 accidental death benefit.

Get more information online at

Per Spring Semester: $72.00
Wellness Fee

This fee provides a student assistance plan to help students manage emotional and academic stress and the demands associated with balancing school, work, daily living, family, and relationship concerns.

Per Semester: $15.00

The Flat Rate for these fees is 15 credits and over.
The Facilities Fee has no Flat Rate. Plan for $5.00 per credit hour.
The Student Injury Insurance is only required for students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours.


Estimate Other Costs:
Spring 2018 Other Costs

Some of these costs will vary per individual (i.e., specific course fees or books/supplies):

Books / Supplies

Per Semester: ≈ $500.00

Course Fees

Visit the Class Schedule to look up indvidual course fees

Enrollment Fee

One time: $30.00

Equine Stabling Fee

Per Semester: $1,400.00 per horse

Fee for Courses Out-of-District

(Lovell, Worland, Greybull, Basin)

Per Credit: $5.00
Internet Courses
Per Credit: $10.00
NOTE: All costs are subject to change without notice.


Total Tuition & Fees Estimate Worksheet:

Print this page and fill out the following worksheet to create your own estimate:

Spring 2018 Tuition Estimate:
Spring 2018 Fees Estimate:
Spring 2018 Other Costs Estimate:
My Spring 2018 Estimate: