Northwest College

Other Scholarships

Your NWC scholarships are just the beginning of scholarship opportunities available to you, if you're willing to pursue them.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Use the Internet

    There are literally millions of scholarship opportunities on the Web. Let's say you declare photography as your major: search for "Photography Scholarships" or "Photo Scholarships in Wyoming."

  2. Think of companies that are linked to your major

    In the photography industry, for example, search out manufacturers of cameras, lenses, paper, chemicals used to develop film, graphic-arts dedicated software, etc. Search their websites for "Scholarships."

  3. Use your uniqueness

    You'll find scholarships for left-handed students, students with certain hair color, nationality, ethnicity, etc. Don't forget about clubs and organizations where your parents and/or grandparents may be members.

  4. Prepare a Personal Essay or College Goal Statement

    This allows scholarship grantors (donors) a glimpse of who you really are and why college is important to you. Again, use the Web. Search for "Personal Essay Examples" or "College Goal Statement Examples."

  5. Beware of scholarship scams

    If a company or organization requests a payment before you're eligible, consider looking elsewhere. If you run across an organization like this, contact Dawn Kasinger. She'll look into it for you.

  6. Think of applying for scholarships as a job

    If you spend one hour applying for scholarships and receive $1,000, that's $1,000 an hour!


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