Northwest College

Your Personal Safety

Northwest works hard to create a safe environment for students to learn and live in. We offer several programs each semester to educate students about alcohol, drugs and sexual assault awareness. Be proactive in these issues and be informed on how they can impact your education, your friends and your life.


Alcohol is recognized across the nation as one of the primary reasons students fail college or dropout. That’s one of the reasons why Northwest College is a dry campus. No alcohol is allowed. Observe this policy to keep yourself safe and successful as a student.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a problem on college campuses across the nation, and while NWC’s rate is much lower than the national average, it is still something we are serious about preventing. We encourage each person on campus to do their part in creating a climate of mutual respect that’s intolerant of harmful words and behaviors. Male or female, you are asked to observe this code of conduct. You will, however, also be given resources to prevent and cope with any breaches in behavior. By the way, alcohol is cited as the No. 1 drug facilitating sexual assault. Another reason NWC is a dry campus.


Any illegal or illicit drugs or drug activity found anywhere on the NWC campus is automatically referred to the Powell Police Department. Even if you are not using drugs but are found in the same room or immediate area with illegal or illicit drugs, you may receive disciplinary action from the college and/or prosecution and punishment by civil authorities.


Joshua Buhmann
Interim Campus Security Coordinator