Northwest College

About Peer Tutoring

Free tutoring assistance is available to NWC students enrolled and regularly attending the content course for which the request is made. Tutoring is a support service and not a substitute for classroom instruction.

Northwest College's Peer Tutors are recommended by the academic departments for which they tutor. Peer Tutors represent both academic excellence and service to others.

Tutoring services include individual, small group, and drop-in tutoring.

Realizing the need for a tutor shows great potential for academic success.  For the greatest benefit, students are encouraged to request assistance as soon as they experience academic need.

Students who are academically successful as well as those who are experiencing difficulties in their coursework request tutoring for a variety of reasons:

  • Improve study skills and time management skills
  • Different learning style than the instructor uses
  • Struggling with an overwhelming workload
  • Establish and maintain good grades and GPA
  • Have difficulty understanding the subject matter
  • Lack of interest in the subject

Every effort will be made to accommodate student requests for tutoring. However, there may be certain circumstances (i.e. scheduling incompatibility, availability of tutors, etc) in which tutoring services may be delayed or unavailable.


Jen Schneider
Tutoring Coordinator