Northwest College

Assessment at NWC

Central Assessment Team (CAT)

Structure and Function

Assumption: Accreditation is essential for Northwest College. Northwest College will be in the top category of accreditation.
Team Membership
  • Interested and committed faculty from across academic divisions.
Team Function
  • Internal peer review for all-college, general education, and program-level assessment of student learning outcomes. Review and approve learning outcomes and proposals for assessment of learning outcomes at each level.
  • Clearing house for assessment of student learning data and analysis. Review data and analysis of all levels of assessment. Distribute results to stakeholders. Suggest or request action on results.
  • Plan professional development activities related to assessment.
  • Promote, support, and encourage assessment work among colleagues and across the college.
Institutional Research Office Function as it relates to CAT
  • Warehouse assessment of student-learning data
  • Conduct analysis as requested
  • Prepare assessment of student learning reports for publication
  • Serve as internal consultant to programs and the Central Assessment Team
Curriculum Committee Function as it relates to CAT
  • Review course requests for assessment plan
  • Work with Central Assessment Team in assessment of general education outcomes
Academic Advisory Council Function as it relates to CAT
  • Support and encourage the work of the Central Assessment Team
  • Promote the importance and value of assessment of student learni
  • ng at all levels
  • Review reports from the Central Assessment Team and programs in considering priorities for resource allocation in the Action Resource Planning (ARP)
President’s Advisory Council Function as it relates to CAT
  • Review reports on assessment of student learning from the Central Assessment Team
  • Consider student-learning assessment evidence in resource allocation decisions


Dave Erickson
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs

CAT Minutes

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