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Assessment at NWC

Philosophy of General Education

An education prepares a student both for life and for making a living. It blends the practical application of knowledge with the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. When successful, education balances the sometimes contradictory claims of social service and individual ambition.

A good general education fosters freedom’s values and nurtures individual growth. It lays the foundation for further learning in a discipline or vocation, provides the tools to navigate change, and prepares one for life long learning.

The purpose of general education at Northwest College is to shape the development of students according to these values. Through our general education requirements, students:

  • prepare for their role as citizens of the United States,
  • learn to communicate successfully with others,
  • understand human experience and values,
  • apply the methods of science,
  • employ numeric problem solving skills,
  • explore cultural differences and global perspectives,
  • attain greater understanding of social structures, and
  • appreciate our culture’s creative representations.


Dave Erickson
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs