Northwest College

Assessment at NWC

Student Learning Outcomes


  • Students will acquire an understanding of the historical framework for the development of Western (and World) Civilizations and the United States.
  • Students will pursue a more in-depth study in aspects of Ancient Mediterranean, European, or American History as a foundation for transfer into junior level course work.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of multicultural perspectives and realities of history, including the contributions over many centuries of various races, nations, and faiths to the fabric of Western Civilization and the United States.
  • Students will acquire a sophisticated awareness of the relationships that develop through time between political, social, economic, cultural, intellectual, and religious factors, weaving into “patterns” and trends.
  • Students will learn the methods and techniques of research and analysis in the discipline of history, including the “social sciences” and “humanities” traditions as well as the “rules of evidence” employed in historical thinking and writing – all components of “critical thinking.”
  • Students will acquire a rudimentary sense of historiography – historical argumentation and debate – on key questions of professional research.
  • Students will develop communications skills to express historical perspectives, including writing and oral presentations of expression.


Dave Erickson
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs