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Spring 2024 Deadlines

After you register
You may make full or partial payments at any time prior to January 15.

If you plan to pay with federal financial aid and you haven't yet started the process YOU'RE LATE. Call our Financial Aid Office immediately 1-800-560-4692.

After January 1, 2024 NWC mails bills to student home addresses.
January 15 Student loans, scholarships and grants are available in the Business Office. Note: If you are receiving a federal loan for the first time, you must wait until February 15.
January 16 Deadline for payment in full of all charges (tuition, fees, room, rent, meals, etc.)
January 30 Last day to drop classes and receive a full refund. Students who register for classes and later decide not to attend must officially withdraw by notifying the Registrar in writing before January 30.

Students who don't withdraw are responsible for account payment, whether or not they attended.
February 15 Student loan funds available for first-time student loan borrowers.
February 13
Students with unpaid balances on February 13 are withdrawn from all classes, checked out of campus housing and their meal plans are canceled. Bills will be mailed monthly until the account is paid in full. Accounts unpaid after one year are sent to an outside collection agency.

Students withdrawn for nonpayment
  • Are responsible for the entire balance owed, plus interest charged monthly at a rate of 1% (12% annually).
  • Cannot register for Northwest classes
  • Cannot obtain transcripts
  • Who are financial aid recipients may be required to repay federal funds and be placed on Financial Aid Suspension.