Northwest College

Calendar of Events

The NWC Calendar of Events can be found online at This calendar is for NWC events or events that are sponsored (wholly or in part) by NWC. We do not include events in our calendar that are not sponsored by NWC, even if they are being held on our campus.

Note to employees: entering your event into the calendar automatically gets it on the radar of the Communications & Marketing team for other potential promotions (including social media). So get your events on there early!


Carey Miller
Communications & Marketing Director

Send What

To have your event added to the college's Calendar of Events, you need to get the information to your area's calendar person:

  • Event Name
  • Event Description (include contact information)
  • Event Date(s) with Start Time / End Time (if applicable)
  • Location


  • Applicable images, documents (flyers, brochures etc...)
  • Applicable website addresses and social media handles

To Whom

Your area's calendar person:

In Academic Affairs

In Administrative Services

In Student Services

In Other