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Agriculture, Business, Communication & Equine Division

Name Title Office Phone
Arismendi, Adriana Visiting Instructor of Business FAB22B 307-754-6459
Sherwood, Anne Visiting Part-Time Instructor of Equine Studies EC 307-754-6471
Polvere, Anthony M. Associate Professor of Photography; Coordinator of Photography FAB17 307-754-6455
Haskell, Bart Instructor of Business FAB22A 307-754-6186
Becker, Bob Assistant Professor of Speech Communication; Chairperson for Agriculture, Business, Communications and Equine Division YB211 307-754-6118
Garceau, Christine Associate Professor of Photography FAB18 307-754-6497
Ebert, Fred Assistant Professor of Speech Communications YB212 307-754-6047
Horton, Jason Assistant Professor of Agribusiness FAB60B 307-754-6461
Hunt, Jeannie Assistant Professor of Speech Communications YB210 307-754-6422
Litterer-Treviño, Jennifer Instructor of Photography FAB16 307-754-6160
Guccion, Lynn Visiting Part-Time Instructor of Animal Science FAB60D 307-754-6189
Thiel, Pam Assistant Professor of Equine Studies EC 307-754-6468
Dooley, Vern Associate Professor of Agriculture FAB60C 307-754-6234
Rose, Will Instructor of Agroecology and Range Management FAB60E 307-754-6465
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