Northwest College

What We're Saying

When Northwest College employees were asked to share their thoughts for the Climate Survey for Community Colleges and Great Colleges to Work For survey submission, here is what they shared:

Family and personal life are important at NWC

Judging by the numbers of responses, NWC’s holistic treatment of employees is arguably one of the most valued “perks” distinguishing the college’s culture. NWC’s support and flexibility regarding family commitments and emergencies was cited by several employees as a foundation for institutional loyalty.  Employees enjoy “summer hours” (40 hours are accomplished in 4.5 days by non-faculty employees so that they may leave at noon on Fridays) and fully-benefited non faculty employees have 15 paid holidays per year.  Summer hours are treasured at NWC as our employees live in an area where weekend camping and fishing trips are highly anticipated rites of summer. The generosity of NWC’s annual and sick leave policies for fully benefited non-faculty employees come as a surprise to many job applicants.  A respected instructional child care facility and comprehensive insurance options are also valued, as is NWC’s employee tuition waiver offerings.  Employees are encouraged to take classes, even during work hours, for professional development.