Northwest College

Library Services

Reserving a Room or Multimedia Equipment

Students, faculty, staff, and the community may reserve library rooms and equipment by contacting the library.

  • Class instruction and NWC programs/meetings take precedence. Reservations are for one-time use, not intended for recurring use.
  • When reserving a room, please include your name, phone number, purpose/organization, and date/time.
  • Wireless access is available throughout the library building. Only registered NWC students and employees have wireless access for their own personal laptops. Other library users may request a "guest login" (ask at the front desk) that allows access to use library or own computers. The library provides public access computers for internet-only searching.

Rooms or areas that may be reserved when the library is open.

  • Amphitheater (seats 80 and is located in the library lobby) Campus-related programming may reserve space outside of library hours. A library staff member must be present at all events.
  • Taggart Room (living room furniture & chairs to seat 10 to 20). Restriction: Absolutely no food or drink, including water, is allowed.
  • Seminar Room Collaboration table that seats 5. Computer plugins to share on two screens. Two side tables with computers. Whiteboards.
  • Presentation/Meeting Room
  • Seats 8-10. Wireless keyboard (checkout at front counter) and wall mounted large screen TV for internet access. Whiteboards. Mirror to aid in assessing presenting skills.
Library Room Use Policy
Group/individual Study Rooms First-come, first-served basis for students; never reserved for any purpose (except presentation meeting room).
Library Instruction Classroom Scheduled for library instruction sessions only; not part of the campus room schedule system. When not scheduled for library instruction, is an open computer lab for student and library user use.
Taggart Room Capacity is 10-15 persons; no food or drink. The Taggart Room may be reserved. Extra seating is available.
Library Seminar Room Holds 10-15 persons. Has white board, 5 person collaboration table, and two side tables with computers.
Amphitheater Scheduled through librarians. After hours scheduling available. Librarian must be present.

Reservable library rooms and amphitheater may only be used when the library is open or with library director approval.
Outside of reservable rooms and amphitheater, all other spaces in the library are non-reservable.
This policy will be reviewed annually by the Library Committee.
5/6/2011, reviewed by Library Committee

Equipment that may be reserved or checked out:

  • Projector Screen (may be used on campus)
  • Overhead Projector (projects transparencies; may be used on campus)
  • Portable Cassette Tape Recorders (may be used off campus)
  • VCR/DVD/TV units (in-library use only; also reserve a viewing room)
  • Hand-held Math Calculators (loaned for semester; user provides batteries--Fraction, Trig (TI-30X), graphing TI-83 - 84+ -- first-come, first-serve)
  • Personal-use PC Laptops (2 hour checkout to use within the library -- first-come, first-serve)

Other equipment & services available but not reservable:

  • Headphones - some with microphones
  • Microform Readers (microfilm)
  • Typewriter
  • MAC and PC Computers
  • Printers (color & B/W), scanners
  • Portable and fixed white boards and markers, meeting room wall TV/computer
  • Cell phone/device chargers for most models.