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Housing & Dining

Temporary Dining Hall

Campus dining will be in the temporary dining facility this year located on the west side of the Trapper Field. See the building with the yellow star on it below:

2023-24 Temp Dining Location on Map. Find directions on google at

Find driving directions on Google Maps.

You will need to sign up and follow a personal dining schedule this year (due to the limited number of diners we can serve at any given time in the temp dining building this year):

  • Look at your class schedule to determine the best time to eat lunch and dinner. Don’t forget to consider your activity schedule too. Monday – Friday there will be five lunch periods (30 minutes each) and four dinner periods (45 minutes each, except 7pm which is only 30 minutes). Breakfast will be open seating (so no need to sign up for M-F breakfast or for brunch/dinner on weekends).

  • Use the form to indicate your desired dining times for this semester for lunch and/or dinner periods that work best for your schedule (for each day of the week).

    NOTE: If a dining period is at capacity we will evaluate who can be moved to a different dining period based on individual class schedules. You may be moved to a different lunch or dinner period, but every effort will be made to find a time that will work with your schedule.

  • Confirm your dining schedule on your account in the MyNWC student portal before you head out. (You may need to refresh the browser window to see the most updated schedule.) We recommend you do this the first couple weeks of class to ensure that you're aware when your dining periods are (in case you've been moved because of capacity issues.)

  • Go back to the NWC Dining form at any time to request changes (just remember that changing a reservation time, then changing your mind and trying to get back into the old time, may not be possible, so be sure that's what you want).

You can walk or take the FREE Dining Shuttle that will run a loop through campus to and from the temp dining facility during lunch and dinner.

Walking Distances

Location Distance Time
Colter Hall 819 yards
(749 m)
About 9 minutes
Cabre Gym 467 yards
(427 m)
About 6 minutes
Lewis & Clark Hall 326 yards
(298 m)
About 3.5 minutes
Simpson Hall 555 yards
(507 m)
About 7 minutes
Trapper Village Main 713 yards
(652 m)
About 8 minutes
Ideal walking routes:

Shuttle Schedule

The shuttle will only run:
Monday - Friday
10:45 am to 1:30 pm (lunch)
4:30 pm to 7:30 pm (dinner)

Depending on where you are picked up, it may take 8-10 minutes to arrive at the temporary dining facility. Plan ahead so you have time to eat. There will be no shuttle for breakfast, on weekends or college holidays.

Shuttle stop locations:*
  1. Temporary Dining building, west of Trapper Field
  2. Science & Math Building, 7th street pull-out
  3. Hinckley Library, 7th street pull-out
  4. Trapper Village Main, south parking lot entrance
  5. Sidewalk between Simpson Hall / Cabre Building
  6. 6th street, just west of the intersection between W 6th street and N Cheyenne St
  7. Yellowstone Building, west side pull out


* Subject to change (depending on participation and weather). If you are unsure, please check back here to confirm locations before going to a shuttle stop.

We appreciate your flexibility and patience as we use the temporary dining space. This allows us to have a designated place for you to dine, while keeping the Trapper Gym open for student use, and after this year (when the new student center opens), reconfigure the building to provide the college with soccer facilities that have been needed for over 15 years. So now you know!
— President Watson


Kristie Sullivan
Residence and Conference Specialist