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Official Degree Audit

An official degree audit is a document showing you what courses you have completed and what courses you may still need to take to complete your degree. By considering the courses you are currently enrolled in, it will tell you one of two things:

  • You are ready to graduate.
  • The courses you need to earn your degree from NWC.

When and how do I request a degree audit?

The second to the last semester is the best time for requesting this. It will allow you time to fill in course work if and when necessary, avoiding any surprises when you officially apply for graduation. Click the button below to fill out the form:

How do I apply for graduation?

There are two different Degree Audit Request forms. One is for requesting a degree audit in your second to last semester (use the button above). The other is a Final Degree Audit & Graduation Application Form, which is a combination form for graduating students only (use the button below).


Any student who is currently enrolled in their last or second to last semester at NWC needs to request an official degree audit.

All graduating students must request an official degree audit.