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Prepare for your Scholarship Application

Review Questions and Essay Topics

After accessing your application (through your MyNWC College Portal), you'll answer about 30 questions and submit three or four essays. Look for the question mark icon to get further instruction about specific questions. After you're finished, be sure to click the Update General Application button at the bottom to submit your answers.


Most of the questions are straight forward with multiple-choice answers:

  • Be ready to provide information about where you live, the high school you attended, expected or actual date of graduation, intended program of study at NWC and high school GPA. If you're still enrolled in classes, you'll be asked to estimate your final GPA. You'll also answer questions concerning your student status, military service, age, and if you have NWC alumni connections or plan to participate in scholarshipped activities at NWC.
  • If you'll be a first-time student at NWC and want to increase your total scholarship award, consider answering "yes" to the question about attending Scholarship Day. We'll reserve a spot for you so you can bump up your chances of getting an Academic or Activity-Talent scholarship. You won't have this option if you're applying after Scholarship Day. Returning students are not required to attend Scholarship Day to apply for Academic or Activity-Talent scholarships.
  • An optional section will ask you about your religious affiliation to determine if you're eligible for scholarships with religious preferences. You are not required to answer the questions in this section.
  • Students new to the Art, Graphics or Photographic Communications programs (freshmen and transfer students) are required to upload a portfolio of 10-15 works, or provide a URL to their online location. The maximum size for each set of two files uploaded is 10 MB (two files=10 MB; four files=20MB; six files=30MB).


Here's where you sell yourself to scholarship selection committees. Each essay must be between 300-500 words in length (about the same as one or two double-spaced pages). Be sure to:

  • Write your essays in advance and ask others (parents, teachers, counselors) to review them.
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Do not treat these essays as phone texts (the use of texting language will discredit your application).
  • Make yourself look good but always be honest.
  • When you copy and paste your essay into the application, be sure to double-check for formatting and other problems with punctuation/special characters that can occur when copying from one program to another.
These are the essays you'll be asked to write:
  • Describe your academic accomplishments and/or relatable employment experiences. Discuss any awards and honors you have received, involvement in school activities, and or/athletic or club participation.
  • Discuss whether or not you believe community involvement is important. How do you get involved in your community?
  • Tell us about your future plans and goals. Why have you chosen your field of study? What will you do after you finish your education at NWC?
  • (Optional) Describe how your financial need is greater than that of the average scholarship applicant.


Scholarships Office
Orendorff Building, Room 104
307-754-6154 (Fax)