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Microsites are smaller sites for NWC programs that stand-alone from the main NWC site at (they have their own look and feel, their own navigation, their own content). All programs already have representation on the main site, but if you think you would like a program microsite (that would add further value than what the main site already provides), please follow these important steps:


Get approval from your area VP for a new microsite.


Identify someone in your area who will build and maintain the microsite, using a third-party site builder.
NOTE: microsite support is no longer provided by the Communications & Marketing Office. You will need to rely on a third-party site builder for all your microsite needs (including training and tech support).


Consider what you need in a site (lots of storage? blogging tools? e-commerce?). Carefully research the following pre-approved site-builders before you choose a plan (note some tools are easier to use than others—consider building a free test site on one or the other first and/or browse template choices to see if you prefer one set over the other):
  • (Personal or Business level recommended, depending on your needs)
  • (Personal or Premium level recommended, depending on your needs)
NOTE: minimally you will need to choose a paid subscription plan to be able to use an domain name and remove vendor ads—the free plans won’t let you do that.


Identify budget amount needed (for the annual fee) and budget line to be billed. Plan accordingly for that in your annual budget.


Choose a template and build your site. The following things are mandatory:
  • An domain name (see the Communications & Marketing Office for assistance)
  • An official NWC logo (see the Communications & Marketing Office for assistance)
  • A link back to the home page
  • An extra admin account on your site for (solely to ensure continuation of the site when there is employee turnover).
  • Registration of your microsite with Communications & Marketing (so we can ensure promotion of your site on, NWC social media and other marketing materials)


Carey Miller
Communications & Marketing Director

If you have any question/concerns, please contact the Communications & Marketing Director.