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Chairing a Session

In addition to—or instead of—being a mentor, you might chair a session. Session chairs play a critical role in developing sessions that best fit the needs of their discipline or program while also promoting participation from their colleagues and students and managing student submissions.

On the day of the showcase, session chairs play an important role in maintaining a professional atmosphere and keeping the showcase running smoothly and on schedule. Please consider the following tips and recommendations:

  • One week before the showcase, confirm the following with each presenter: presentation time, presentation location, relevant session details and any additional details that could impact participation at the Showcase. Instruct each student to arrive within an appropriate amount of time before their session starts.
  • Session chairs’ information—badges, all necessary information, and certificates—will be delivered to faculty offices or mailboxes several days before the Showcase. Don’t forget to check for your packets and make sure all the information is correct. Please have students come collect their own name badges the day before or morning of the Showcase (Yellowstone Conference Area).
  • Before your session begins, arrive early enough to confirm that your presenters are there.
  • There may be a session aide in your meeting room. The aide will be available to help with the distribution of materials and to help with other duties.
  • You will introduce the session and the student presenters
  • Check the audio/visual equipment and microphones. Make sure you know how to operate the audiovisual equipment that is being used in the session and that everything is in working order ahead of time.
  • During your session, please keep your speakers on schedule. If a presenter has been canceled or is a no show, fill the time with discussion or a break. Do not advance subsequent presentations ahead of the printed schedule. You will also keep track of time of the presentations and help field audience questions during the session.


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