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In collaboration with The Committee on Faculty Development and Morale and the office of College Relations, the TLC is excited to showcase the great work of Northwest College's educators! In this faculty spotlight series, we will feature members of our faculty that are recognized by nominations from their peers based on demonstrated excellence in teaching, mentoring/advising, service, or scholarship. Spotlights will also be promoted by the Marketing, Communications & Web office in a variety of media.

Lynn Guccion

Posted: February 24, 2024

Schaller, Iowa and Powell, Wyoming are separated by about 900 miles, depending on the route and time of year, but if you ask Lynn Guccion, Northwest College Instructor of Animal Science, how she got from there to here, it makes perfect sense.

“Growing up on an Iowa farm and feedlot, every fall my parents bought several loads of calves from all over the western states. We made many family trips out to load the calves and were able to visit some incredible ranches. It was during those trips that I knew I wanted to find a college “west river” to pursue my degree after high school and eventually live somewhere in the mountain region.”

Lynn was successful on both counts, and it led her indirectly to Northwest College where she began teaching in January of 2016. Her first stop though was Laramie, where she earned a BS and MS in Animal & Vet Sciences from the University of Wyoming, with a focus on meat science, food technology, and ruminate nutrition. She was also a member of the meat judging team as an undergrad before coaching the team in grad school.

After completing her MS in 2009, Lynn returned to Iowa with her husband, and along with farming, she also owned a feed store for six years. But eventually they were drawn back to Wyoming, and after selling their farm in Iowa, the Guccions bought a ranch outside of Lovell. It wasn’t long before her college advisor connected Lynn with NWC faculty member Vern Dooley, who was seeking a part-time instructor to take over some of the animal science courses.

“I had the credentials and the background, and was already in Lovell, so it was the perfect fit.”

Lynn still works on the ranch too, and the location at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains is ideal for the activities the family, including three children, enjoy doing. Horseback riding, skiing, and snowmobiling are all on the list, and there’s something for every season. It’s all part of a fulfilling life that includes the time Lynn gets to spend with her students.

“The best part is seeing their excitement about what they’re learning and passionate about. Keeping those connections, seeing them flourish once they go on, and doing their thing to their fullest potential is very rewarding.”