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In collaboration with The Committee on Faculty Development and Morale and the office of College Relations, the TLC is excited to showcase the great work of Northwest College's educators! In this faculty spotlight series, we will feature members of our faculty that are recognized by nominations from their peers based on demonstrated excellence in teaching, mentoring/advising, service, or scholarship. Spotlights will also be promoted by the Marketing, Communications & Web office in a variety of media.

Adrian Arismendi

Posted: November 18, 2022

If there’s a conventional path to becoming a college business instructor, Adrian Arismendi did not follow it. They don’t typically start with a BA in Marine Science, spend several years as a Naval officer, followed by a career in pharmaceuticals before landing in a spot that seems to be a perfect fit two decades after graduating from college.

“When I stepped off the plane in Cody for the first time, I was awe-struck,” Adrian said, recalling their first visit to the area in 2013. “Those views of the mountains were breathtaking.”

After growing up in Chicago and living in San Diego, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Adrian was eventually able to call Wyoming home after relocating in 2017 to become a project manager for Cody Labs. The company shut down two years later, but wanting to remain in the area, Adrian decided to put an MBA earned a few years earlier to new use as an adjunct at Northwest College.

Since 2019, Adrian has transitioned from an adjunct instructor teaching Personal Finance at Cody Center to a fulltime, tenure-track member of the faculty in Powell. As part of the NWC Business program, they teach classes covering such topics as accounting, ethics, communication, marketing, and management – all the elements that make up the world of business. Since some of those courses are part of NWC’s new BAS program too, Adrian’s students are also wide-ranging, from traditional college-aged undergrads seeking their first associate degree, to adult learners with families and jobs who are pursuing their bachelor’s in Professional Studies.

Having worked in a variety of sectors, including the military, private businesses, publicly traded companies, and a non-profit research company, Adrian is able to bring a unique perspective to the classroom. It’s one that students at other colleges are unlikely to get since few professors have the wide-ranging first-hand knowledge Adrian brings.

“Finding a way to make those things relevant to Wyoming students and being able to tie it together with what they’ve seen and experienced here is one of the challenges I enjoy. The small classes also give you more time to talk about their own individual experiences and give more personal attention.”

When not teaching or involved in other college activities, Adrian enjoys outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, and biking.